You can get your visa at the Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) after your landing or through any of the land entry points in the border. The process is easy and straightforward and too and you will be given proper instructions at these places to apply for the visa. However, you can also get your Nepali visa through the Nepalese embassy in your country prior to your actual visit here. In Nepal, you will need to pay the visa charges in USD and must have two extra PP size photos in addition to your basic documents for the visa.

The general visa charges depend upon the duration of your stay in Nepal. The elementary charges are shown below:-

  • Multiple Entry for 15 days:- US$ 25 or equivalent Nepali Currency
  • Multiple Entry for 30 days:- US$ 40 or equivalent Nepali Currency
  • Multiple Entry for 90 days:- US$ 100 or equivalent Nepali Currency

In case you want to extend your stay in Nepal you must pay some additional charges accordingly. The Extension can only be done from the Immigration Office located in Kathmandu and Pokhara. The costs are given below: –

  • For 15-day extension: US$ 20
  • For 30-day extension: US$ 50

For further stay you will be charged additional 2$ per day. However, the extension process can sometimes be tricky and might take an enduring period so, we suggest you take visa for a longer time in the first place rather than extending it.