Himalayan Pic Du Midi Treks Pvt. Ltd. is a name consistently recurring for the last decade as the best trekking service providing company of Nepal. Our company runs with a motto of prioritizing services over any other factors for many years now. With a well-prepared system guided by the very legend of this industry, Mr. Rajesh Lama, we assure you the best possible experience of trekking in the Himalaya region.

Himalayan Pic Du Midi is an internationally recognized company with hundreds of satisfied clients every year. The team constitutes of well trained and licensed professionals each with years of working experience in their respective area. We value our guests and provide you with the best services for which the company has been rated among the top service providers by Trip Advisor and similar agencies. Here, we left no stone unturned for your assistance, let that be technical or at any point of your journey. Our guides are prepared to face any unforeseen circumstances that may arrive within the trip so that you can trek carefree. As a company built on networks, we are proud of our many revisiting customers who trust us for their second trekking visit to Nepal.

Himalayan Pic Du Midi Treks Pvt. Ltd. is based in the core of Kathmandu, Nepal. Our helpline is available 24*7 for assisting you with the assist and aid to all of your booking and trek queries.