Himalayan Pic Du Midi has its general booking terms and conditions. It refers to all the trekking itineraries we provide in different regions of Nepal. First and foremost, to secure your part in the trekking program, you must do 20% of down payment or more in advance of complete package cost of the chosen trek as per the organizer policy. This deposit of yours will assure you of the necessary preparations (Transportation, Hotels, and other essential requirements) required for your Trekking in Nepal. Then, you will have to send us a complete list of the participants (For all individual, pair, and group travelers) involving in the trek alongside other essential information (nationality, gender, passport number with expiry and issue dates, date of birth, etc.).

Note: the information provided before the trip must match all the details from these passports. You can e-mail or fax us a copy of the passport/s and documents after booking the trip.

The rest of the payment remaining must have been done before the arrival day at Nepal for valid booking of the trek. However, you do have an option to pay the total amount with the advance further assuring your Involvement in the trekking program. Similarly, we also welcome last-minute arrival with the payment, in this case, should be done wholly at the time of booking. Adding to it, we will like to remind you that we hold the right to cancel the trip in the case that the full payment is not made before the arrival date, ie, trek commencing day.

All the booking and payment procedures are straightforward, fast, and simple for any trekking program with Himalayan Pic Du Midi Team. Our customer care is intact 24*7 for any of the complications during the transaction. For the payment, we accept payment through the mediums of cards as well as cash transfer through Money transfer portal services all around the globe.

Note: the Standard charges applied for the payment transfer or other bank service is the concern of your own.