The region of Limi Valley via Simikot and lower Humla portion was opened for the visitors just lately, and it stills constitutes some of the untravelled destinations in the Himalayas. We will reach the Tibetan border and can explore the trading activities in this route, which is used by locals from both sides for centuries. Giving us the best views of the Himalayas in both the Tibetan and Nepali sites, Limi Valley and Humla region is a land of many surprises for the trekkers. The route passes through a restricted section of which the main route constitutes the best of this area.

  1. Simikot- Limi valley trek
Talung La pass, Limi Valley, Humla
22 days

Simikot Limi Valley Trek

Trip Difficulty: Strenuous
4949m, Nyalu La