Trekking in Nepal can be broadly categorized into four general types.

Tailor-Made Treks
This kind f trek is the most popular form of trekking in Nepal. The detailed itinerary for the trek including routes, stops, accommodation, period and more are provided by a professional team of Travel guides, local experts, company members, and the experts in the fields involved during the trekking. This kind of treks is more flexible with additional customization and adaptive with small changes and challenges. These Treks give you the most of the intended experience due to slim chances of anything going wrong. You can read a good number of reviews to these type of treks and selection is made more comfortable with it.

Teahouse Treks
Teahouse treks are one of the most sought after treks in recent times due to the options of short and natural trail selection mostly in the Lower Himalayas. Teahouse treks give you the most of the beautiful view and culture of the people living there generally circling the popular local destinations. The most famous teahouse treks are around Everest and Annapurna while the other regions are growing the infrastructure for this trekking category rapidly. As the name suggests, we move from destination to next staying in the local teahouses absorbing the beauty of the surrounding. Through more of nature and lifestyle components, teahouse treks are an excellent way of knowing about the actual Himalayas.

Tented Treks
Tented treks are the most authentic way of experience the art of living and trekking in the Himalayas. This category of trekking mostly focuses on the rural parts of Nepal, where the facility of finding a hotel/teahouse is slim. Tented Treks gives us the freedom of enjoying the trek more without further worries of settling. Open for adventure lovers who want to experience what it takes to live in the Himalayas; tented treks are ideal. Tented treks give us the freedom to try new routes and spend more time in the regions. A dedicated team of guides, porters, and Sherpa (for climbing expedition) is provided with all the essential equipment in tented treks. Tented treks are mostly popular in Rara Lake, Arun valley, Upper Dolpo, and Limi valley regions of Nepal.

Recce treks
Recce treks are some of the most daring and adventurous treks here in Nepal, exploring the new routes and regions in the Himalayas. It is a fully supported expedition trek with some of the best guides and members constituting the trekking team to the remote and untouched terrains of the Himalayas. A lot of research and preparation is usually done before the trek, including the selection of team and gathering all the possible equipment of heavy trekking. The far and mid-Western section of the Himalayas in Nepal are some of the best places to carry out the Recce treks. Interacting with the locals and discovering the hidden mysteries, Recce treks is a true game of an enduring explorer.