Trekking grades of different treks in Nepal can be generalized into these five general grades

1. Easy or Grade A

  • Ideal for any age group
  • Duration less than 10 days
  • Walk per day not exceeding 5 hours
  • Easy walking trail 

2. Moderate or Grade B:-

  • Basic fitness is required with a good stamina
  • Duration about two weeks
  • Trekking over an altitude of 3,000 to 5,000 meters
  • Trekking about 6-7 hours per day
  • The trail can be rough and uneven in some segments

3. Hard or grade C:-

  • Requires good fitness with prior trekking experiences
  • Duration more than two weeks
  • Trekking exceeding the 5,000 meters points on some occasions
  • Walking trail is rough with long steep sections

 4. Very Hard or grade D:-

  • High fitness level with fundamental mountaineering skills required
  • Continuos trekking with some days exceeding 10 hours
  • More than two weeks of trekking duration
  • Trekking mostly is done in the Alpine region touching the 6,000 meters mark with some heavy snow portions

5. Challenging or Grade E:-

  • Requires an excellent level of fitness with advanced mountaineering skills
  • Experience of challenging treks before with high tolerance level to the surrounding environment
  • Might require basically 18-30 days or more of trekking
  • Consists of many daring and risky segments Challenging and adventurous
  • Trekking mostly over 6,000 meters and considered generally as climbing