Nepal is a country with diverse ethnic groups and religions. You can witness the change in lifestyle, culture, linguistics, and tradition of the locals while traveling from one place to another. You can have many amazing unique experiences if you are visiting Nepal at these festive times. As festivals fall according to the lunar calendar dates, the exact day of the festival varies every year. Some of the influential festivals of Nepali people are listed below: –

  1. Dashain: Dashain is the major festival celebrated all over the country by Nepali people from in the months of September to October lasting for 15 days.
  2. Tihar/ Dipawali: Festival of light celebrated by Hindu people lasting five days in late autumn about a month after the Dashain festival.
  3. Maha Shivaratri: Festival dedicated to Hindu god ‘Shiva,’ celebrated auspiciously in the Hindu shrines throughout the nation falling in the month of February.
  4. Holi/ Fagu Purnima: Festival of colors celebrated by the Nepali people of Terai and hill areas falling in the month of March.
  5. Buddha Jayanti: A Buddhist festival on the occasion of the birth of Lord Buddha celebrated in the first month of Nepali Calendar.
  6. Maghe Sankranti: Celebrated auspiciously by the Nepali people all around in the country in 30th June or the first day in the Nepali month of Magh.
  7. Chhath: Celebrated primarily in Terai region of Nepal offering and worshipping the Surya Dev ‘Sun’ with great significance to married women. It falls in the month of November and lasts for two days.
  8. Lhosar: Main Festivals of different ethnic groups in the Himalayas. It is celebrated as the Tibetan New year in these regions falling in the month of February.
  9. Teej: Celebrated by the Hindu married women of hilly region in Nepal for two days falling in the month of August or early September.